The International Centre for Catherinian Studies (CISC) has its premises in Rome (Italy), at present in the Centro Universitario “Regina Mundi” (piazzale Aldo Moro, 9; easier access for disabled people: via dei Frentani, 14), in front of University “La Sapienza” and near National Research Council. The CISC is easily attainable from Termini station.

Formerly, the CISC had its premises in the house where Catherine stayed in Via del Papa (nowadays St. Chiara’s Square, 14) during the last months of her life, from summer 1379 to her death (on 29th April 1380). On the ground-floor of the building, which has undergone conversion-works more than once, St. Catherine of Siena’s a Chapel of the Transito has been preserved and has been restored recently.

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When it was founded (1940), the premises of the Centre were in Salita del Grillo 37. This is in the place in where the community of Dominican Tertiaries who had remained in Via del Papa after St. Catherine’s death took up lodgings in 1574.

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